Finally! The Big Apple is officially OPEN for the season! Come visit us for delicious apples, homemade baked goods, and all sorts of other good stuff!

With the days getting shorter and the air a crisper, apple season is finally underway!The Big Apple Orchard

And, as of Friday, September , 11th. the Big Apple is officially open for business! Our peak season runs from mid September to late October, with different apple varieties ripening throughout that time.

During the season, our hours are:


  •  Monday 3-6
  • Tuesdays 3-6
  • Fridays  3-6pm
  • Saturday, 10am-6pm
  • Sunday, 10 am-6pm

Stop by for homemade apple turnovers, apple donuts, apple cheesecake, ice cream, cider, jams and jellies, famous WW Homestead Dairy cheese curds, and much more – and, of course, apples!

We are located about two miles west of Mount Vernon, right along Highway 30. Look for the yellow house and Statue of Liberty barn on the north side of the road where the four lane changes to a two lane (when heading east).

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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